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recover SA password mssql 2008

i recently forgot my sa user’s password and i had to create a new db on my sql server .. bummer!
so, i looked in many blogs and stackoverflow answers and couldn’t find a quick way to do it.

i had admin access to the server, no sql management studio installed on it so i had to use command line..
i could install ‘management studio’ and login with my windows account but i choose an easier solution:

go to command prompt by typing Start – Run – cmd

at the command window (without needing to change directories or anything) type (enter for each line)

OSQL -S instancename -E (where instancename could be something like : localhost\sql or localhost\sqlexpress or localhost\sqlexpress,1433)
1> EXEC sp_password NULL, ‘yourpassword’, ‘sa’
2> GO

you can use this method to replace the password of any user not only SA and it should work on other versions of mssql.

enjoy :)

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HttpWebRequest Authentication error 400

If you ever encounter such problems with authentication with querystring make sure you read Idan’s blog post @

HttpWebRequest Authentication error 400

Have a good day,



ByteArray upload – Error #2176 Solved !

as some of you may know one of flash player 10 updates “fixed a security hole” that allowed sending
URLLoader in the oncomplete of the last request.
now every URLLoader load function must be triggered with a mouse click – initiated by the user..

that fix broke some file uploaders (like Jonathan Marston nirvanix bytearray uploader) (and some other pieces of code) creating an exception on the second request.

now – i was looking for a solution that will allow me sending multiple – client side – reencoded images to the server, still showing some progress bar (as i can’t use the filereference.upload method).

after hours of playing with the 2176 Error, i decided to take another approch,
and welp – what do you know – it’s possible doing it with the Zend Amf framework for php, using flash’s Netconnection Object to send byteArray (‘s) to the server !

I’ll upload an example soon – and i’ll connect it to the multiple file upload component i have here on the site , so it will show upload progress for each file ! (plus might add mp3 uploading as well)

Anyway – solution coming soon !


vbook – facebook app

well i did this thing for me & friends few months ago, and decided today to open it to the public.
i’ve lunched the vbook (Vbook) as an expirement.

vbook preview

this app allows to view ‘hidden’ user albums and pictures.
now hidden are simply albums with there privacy setting set to public, connected to a user which disable his profile being watched by others. means, you can see the user’s albums and pictures even if his profile is private.

i’d say it’s a nice feature provided by them users :)

well , have a ride and tell me what you think..



skin your web

my new firefox extension

skin your web

download and install from Skin Your Web


Welcome to my site

hi all,

this is my new website, i’ve just finished the web template (welp its not actually finished its just enough to upload and use)

so here i will post some information / tutorials and other interesting info i might find.

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