Video Suggestion tool for your wordpress blog

Hi all,
recently i finished working on a great tool to help editors add videos to their blog.
this tool grabs data from AOL Video library which is the largest curated library in the web.

the plugin wrap it self in it’s own namespace so it won’t conflict with other components on the page,
it features semantic matching for content, which is a great thing. you can write your post , hit the suggest videos button and in a second you get planty of semantically related videos that can match your content.

Download link: Video Suggestion for wordpress

We bloggers know that adding a video to your post reduces the bounce rate and helps improving your search engine score!
That plugin has some other versions that works with Movable Type CMS & Blogsmith. if you fency another version feel free to contact me , and i’ll try to help out with it.

Fetching suggest data was a nice challenge. i needed to post data to a remote server and grab the returned data in a JSON format , cross domain json is an easy task, you can use jsonp which works great, but it lacks one small thing..
you can’t post data. bummer ! if you want to grab a lot of text / data and push it to a remote server for analysis , it gets harder.
luckily we now have a new HTML5 method to do such things, “postmessage”. post message is a way to communicate between the opener page and an iframe who sits on another domain.
i’ll write a post regarding that way soon, with some examples.

* will be glad to have comments from you readers about that tool & generally about the blog.


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