multiple files uploader with preview on client side


well it took a month but i’ve added some features to the image uploader,
so now it support multiple file upload , it still doesn’t have any progress bar as adobe decided to add the security feature (bug ?!) that allows uploading or downloading data from the server only triggered by a mouse click,
ok .. so the upload button supplies the click, but then after the first chunk is uploaded it should (and i read alot about it ..) continue the next chunk as it was triggered by the same click, but no no, it throws Error #2176 !!!
i sat hours trying to break this devil but nada …
so at the end, i packed all of the files in one post being sent to the server all at once to pass the damn bug!

the jpg encoding still needs some tweeking as it causes the computer to freeze for a second,

for now i added only a rotate function to the image, but you can add as much features as you want as you can download the source files.

feel free to comment and request features.

Source : multiple files uploader with preview on client side
Demo : multiple files uploader with preview on client side

update : v2.01 is out (29/9/09)

First i’d like to thank you all for the suggestions, requests and support for the work,

thanks to Swen for the french translation of the uploader , you can download the fla file here with the original v2.0 files here

i came across a great fix for adobe’s JPEGEncoder class , making it async – by Derrick Grigg ,

so i’ve implemented it in my uploader, so now it’s faster and has better performance.
plus some minor bug fixes.

i’ll try to implement xml language file so it will be easier to translate it to any language,
and will implement a better javascript support + hopefully i’ll have time to create uploading preloader …


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  1. nitin said,
    November 18, 2013 @ 1:23 pm

    Can u please tell me how to put restriction on uploaded image size ..

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